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At THE PRIVATE SPA our guests always come first. We are committed to ensuring that your spa experience is enjoyable and relaxing. Our policies have been set to be fair and transparent, to guarantee your ultimate satisfaction.

When you confirm a booking, you automatically confirm that the following terms and conditions are understood and accepted on behalf of all the guests in your party. 

*The Spa reserves the right to cancel your booking session up until the day if necessary for any unforeseen circumstances. We endeavour to inform you of any changes prior to your arrival and you will be given the opportunity to reschedule or alternatively receive a full refund.

*The use of Spa’s facility is for guests 16 years of age or older. Guests under 16 years of age are not permitted inside.

* Showering is compulsory before using the facilities.

* The use of a bathrobe and slippers is mandatory in the lounge area for hygiene purposes. These will be provided to you upon entering the spa. 

*For hygiene purposes, when using the dry sauna, the whole body, including your feet, should rest on towels.

* Personal care such as shaving, cutting nails, dyeing hair, brushing your teeth, using henna etc. are not permitted on the premises for hygienic reasons. There will be a fine for this.

* It’s compulsory to wear the provided bathrobe when sitting in the lounge area.

* It’s compulsory to wear swimming clothes when using our facilities (Sauna, Steam Room, Hot Tub and Lounge Pool).

* Please be advised that late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time.

* You must respect the reserved time and leave the complex on time.

* It is not permitted to consume your own food or drinks inside the spa.

* We do not serve alcohol on the premises and alcohol consumption is prohibited.

* There is a complex wide ban on smoking and vaping.

* As a visitor, you must always follow the instructions of the staff.

* Guests can't make use of the SPA if they are an hour late.

* Group bookings are for Female only or Men only. 

* You are liable for any damages within the premises and will need to pay a compensation fee for any items you damage. 

* THE PRIVATE SPA is not liable for any loss or theft of goods or valuables brought by the guest and accepts no liability regarding injury to persons and / or damage to goods.

*All payments are strictly non refundable

* You can alter a confirmed reservation up to 5 days before the booking day. 

* You can pay by card or cash at the counter.

*Please note that guests suffering from any heart conditions, high blood pressure or are pregnant will be unable to use any of our heat experiences.

*Everyone is welcome at the SPA, but intimacy at The Private Spa is strictly forbidden.


If the rules are not adhered to, THE PRIVATE SPA has the right to immediately ask guests to leave the complex.

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