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What makes us any different to the other spa centres available you might wonder. 

Our concept, is our dream coming true. We wanted a spa to enjoy without the worry of sharing any of the facilities with anyone else, or the stress of possibly being seen through windows or on cctv footage. 

At The Private Spa we will give you a tour of all of the facilities and then we will leave you in complete privacy to enjoy your spa time. You can even lock the door from the inside, being reassured that no one can enter. Obviously you can call us or come to the reception to find us if needed.

No one else will be using the spa at the same time. This includes the heated lounge pool, Jacuzzi , Finnish sauna, Onyx steam room and a lounge area fully secluded for you and your guest(s). We chose our design specifically to give you that extra luxury treatment you deserve  

The idea of having the whole spa all to yourselves is a truly luxurious and unique experience. We cater for you, whether you choose to come to the spa as a group to chat and have a laugh or as a couple to relax and leave the world. In addition to this you have access to adjust the music and lighting as you need, to create an environment that suits your experience. Nobody should be alone in the spa for health and safety reasons, therefore bookings must be at minimum for 2 people. 

We have a variety of packages available  and we will happily go that extra mile to tailor a spa session as you need. Previous customers have asked for breakfast, afternoon tea or even a full on hen party before the big day. Please contact us to arrange the details in advance. 

We have many customers who really enjoy the health benefits of a spa but due to religious beliefs or various other reasons, just don’t feel comfortable using spas with lots of people. Covid 19 has had a huge impact on people and unfortunately has left some still feeling nervous to be in close contact with others, so it is both reassuring and refreshing to not have to worry about being around anybody, other than your chosen guest(s). The spa is thoroughly disinfected after each spa session and fully treated with antibacterial sprays on all surfaces.

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